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Department Structural Change

Structural Development of Farms and Rural Areas

This department researches process complexities of agrarian structural change. Special focus is placed on inherent dynamics, influencing factors and effects, which are analyzed on various analytical levels by means of a broad array of methodical instruments.

Research subjects are, firstly, the development of enterprises in the agricultural and food sector, including their strategies and organization. Secondly, the effects that changing framework conditions such as agricultural policies have on agricultural businesses and structural change are analyzed. Thirdly, institutional economics and system theory questions relating to the role of nonprofit organizations and civil society engagement in the agricultural and food sector are investigated. A fourth focus is on interdependencies between the environment, resources, structural change and growth, in which context the changes of land use are studied or agricultural production potentials are assessed.

The department’s key methodical competencies are in the field of computational economics, particularly agent-based modeling. Further methodological expertise has been developed in spatial econometry, data mining, econometric methods, as well as productivity and efficiency analyses.

Latest publications of the department

; (2021) Russland wandelt sich mit aller Kraft zum führenden Agrarexporteur. top agrar online, Landwirtschaftsverlag.

; ; ; (2021) What drives the acquisition behavior of agroholdings? Performance analysis of agricultural acquisition targets in Northwest Russia and Ukraine. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (2021) Central Asian rivers under climate change: Impacts assessment in eight representative catchments. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 34

; ; ; (2021) Reduction of carbon emissions through resource-saving and environment-friendly regional economic integration – Evidence from Wuhan metropolitan area, China. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 166

; ; (2021) Unraveling the diversity of trajectories and drivers of global agricultural land abandonment. Land 10 (2)

(2021) Agrarstrukturgesetzentwurf Sachsen-Anhalt: Faktencheck und Einordnung. Agra-Europe 62 (2): 9-21.

; (2021) Will transaction costs and economies of scale tip the balance in farm size in industrial agriculture? An illustration for non-food biomass production in Germany. Sustainability 13 (2)

; ; (2021) Driving factors of direct greenhouse gas emissions from China’s pig industry from 1976 to 2016. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 1 (20): 319-329.

; ; ; ; (2021) Landsat time series reveal simultaneous expansion and intensification of irrigated dry season cropping in Southeastern Turkey. Journal of Land Use Science 16 (1): 94-110.

; ; ; ; ; ; (2021) Rapid assessment of climate risks for irrigated agriculture in two river basins in the Aral Sea Basin. Agricultural Water Management 243

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