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Press Releases

22 August 2019 | PM 05/2019

The future belongs to diversified and entrepreneurial farmers (regardless of their size)

Over 190 experts from the fields of research, business and international organisations discussed the challenges and prospects for small farms at this year’s IAMO Forum.

Halle (Saale), 22 August 2019 – From 26 - 28 June 2019 the IAMO Forum 2019 focused on the issue of “Small farms in transition: How to stimulate inclusive growth?”. With 193 participants from 32 countries, this year saw the conference achieve a record...

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18 April 2019 | Press Release 03/2019

Farm restructuring for promoting agricultural competitiveness in Uzbekistan

IAMO Policy Brief 36 analyses farm restructuring in Uzbekistan and suggests the next steps for enhancing productivity and raising the competitiveness of agriculture

Along with the plans to diversify agriculture, downsize cotton area and promote rural industry clusters, the government of Uzbekistan initiated a new wave of farm optimization in January 2019. Given the momentum of agricultural policy reform, IAMO...

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29 January 2019 | Press Release 02/2019

Digital technologies in the fight against drought

Summary of a panel discussion at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture

As became evident last summer, enduring dry periods are since recently causing extensive damage to the agriculture and threatening the livelihood of the rural population also in Central Europa. Countering this development effectively calls for the...

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16 January 2019 | Press Release 01/2019

Digital solutions upon to reduce climate risks

Expert panel at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) in Berlin

This past summer has shown that long periods of drought have now also arrived in the more moderate climate of Central Europe. Such climatic changes cause massive damage to agriculture and endanger the basic existence of the rural population....

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13 December 2018 | Press Release 09/2018

New technologies and challenges in the fight against the drought

Expert panel at the International Green Week 2019 in Berlin

Drought is no longer an issue that only threatens the livelihoods of the rural population in arid and semi-arid regions. As the last summer has demonstrated, such periods of drought have now reached the temperate climate of Central Europe. Effective...

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29 August 2018 | Press Release 07/2018

Agriculture in times of drought: How digitalisation can support sustainable risk management

IAMO Policy Brief 35 details advantages and challenges of using market-based risk instruments

The ongoing period of drought has been one of the most vividly discussed topics in Germany this summer. Particularly agricultural operations have been affected by the enduring heat and lack of rain. Average losses to harvests are estimated at around...

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13 July 2018 | Press Release 06/2018

Opportunities and challenges of large-scale agriculture

More than 160 international experts from research, business, politics and international institutions discussed issues of large-scale agriculture at the IAMO Forum 2018

The worldwide increase in very large agricultural enterprises is setting new standards in farming and leading to a range of debates. For instance, the 100 largest companies in the agricultural sector in Russia, often called agroholdings, farm in...

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03 May 2018 | Press Release 05/2018

Large-scale agriculture - for profit and society?

IAMO Forum 2018 brings international experts to Halle (Saale)

The IAMO Forum 2018 entitled “Large-scale agriculture – for profit and society?” presents insights into the drivers, perspectives and challenges of large-scale farming and the increasing role of stakeholder interests. The conference provides latest...

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11 April 2018 | Press Release 04/2018

Co-operation negotiations with research institutes and organisations in Russia

IAMO delegation travels to Moscow for discussions

Led by IAMO Director Professor Thomas Glauben, the delegation travelled to Moscow, Russian Federation, for co-operation negotiations in March 2018. There the IAMO researchers held bilateral discussions with respected research institutes and...

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28 February 2018 | Press Release 03/2018

IAK and IAMO assigned with implementation of the 2nd project stage of the German-Sino Agricultural Center (DCZ)

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH and the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) have been given the go ahead for their concept to realise the second project stage of the German-Sino Agricultural Center (DCZ).

The DCZ...

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