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Press Releases

26 August 2021 | Press Release 12/2021

Research Software - Sustainable Development and Support

IAMO Policy Brief 42 focuses on the needs and strategies for sustainable research software practices based on DFG roundtable position paper

Research software is the backbone of much 21st century research. In November 2019 more than 50 scientists from various institutions gathered at the Robert Koch Institute for a DFG roundtable discussion on sustainability aspects of research software...

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26 August 2021 | Press Release 11/2021

IAMO and Ural State Economic University sign Memorandum of Understanding

IAMO Director Thomas Glauben visits Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ural State Economic University (UrSEU) and IAMO was signed at a formal ceremony in Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation, on 20 August 2021. During this business trip, IAMO Director Thomas Glauben met with several...

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Screenshot of the panel discussion

22 July 2021 | Press Release 10/2021

Bioeconomy – an important step towards sustainable agrifood systems

IAMO Forum 2021 took place from 7–9 June 2021 with 315 participants. A review.

Over the coming decades, global competition for dwindling natural resources is expected to increase. Growing populations and climate change will pose major challenges to agrifood systems worldwide. The key to the sustainable development of...

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Grain bags are loaded for transport

20 July 2021 | Press Release 09/2021

With great power comes great responsibility: The EU and the Black Sea Region take leadership of the global wheat market

IAMO Policy Brief 41 highlights the growing responsibility of the EU and the Black Sea Region for ensuring global food security.

Global wheat trade is on the rise. Over the last 20 years, imports have grown by 53 percent to reach 179 million tons. This development has largely been driven by rising incomes and growing populations in Asia and Africa. In IAMO Policy Brief 41,...

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28 May 2021 | Press Release 08/2021

IAMO Forum 2021 looks at agrifood systems in the transition to a bioeconomy

IAMO Forum 2021 “Agrifood systems in the bioeconomy” will take place from 7–9 June 2021. The focus of this year’s IAMO Forum is the transformation of agrifood systems in the transition to a bioeconomy. It will be held together with the International...

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21 May 2021 | Press Release 07/2021

Covid-19, unequal economic recovery and maritime food trade

IAMO Policy Brief 40 looks at the effects of the pandemic on international freight and food prices

The global economy was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. One year later the consequences are still being felt, not least in the form of high sea freight costs and rising food prices. In IAMO Policy Brief 40, IAMO Director Thomas Glauben and...

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03 May 2021 | Press Release 06/2021

Is there empirical evidence of market power and land concentration to justify regulatory interventions in land markets?

Several new laws have recently been proposed to regulate the agricultural land market. The goal is to prevent market power by limiting high levels of land concentration and to encourage a wider distribution of land ownership. A recent policy brief...

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04 March 2021 | Press Release 05/2021

The futures markets look promising for farmers

IAMO Policy Brief 39 highlights the benefits of futures markets for farmers and suggests a departure from the widely-used minimum variance hedge (MVH) ratio.

Futures­­ transactions serve a number of important functions in agriculture. These include, in particular, protecting farmers against price fluctuations, stabilising income and increasing market transparency. In the scientific literature, the minimum...

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09 February 2021 | Press Release 04/2021

Agricultural strategies in the face of pandemics and climate change

Panelists from politics, industry and academia came together to discuss food security

Fluctuating rainfall patterns, extreme temperatures and soil degradation pose significant challenges to agriculture. Climate change as well as regional and international crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and African swine fever, are increasingly...

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21 January 2021 | Press Release 03/2021

Challenges of food security in times of pandemics and climate change

Virtual panel discussion on 22 January 2021 at the GFFA

Under the title “How to better cope with change: New approaches for food system resilience to pandemic and climatic shocks”, IAMO in cooperation with the German Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) organise an expert panel. Representatives from politics,...

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