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IAMO in the Media

Next to scientific publications of IAMO researchers, there are regular reports on the institute in specialised and daily press as well as on air and on Internet portals. Scientific findings of IAMO are picked on in the framework of current debates in politics and economic processes. Researchers of IAMO act as experts to communicate their findings in a generally understandable way to the broad public.

A selection of media reports is available here:

12 May 2023

Experts warn of severe negative consequences

The draft for an agricultural structure act of the state Brandenburg encounters criticism from scientifics. IAMO Director Prof. Alfons Balmann and Prof. Martin Odening of Humboldt University have analyzed it and consider the planned regulations in agricultural land law to be unfounded (AgraEurope,...

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02 May 2023

The Ukraine War, World Trade and Hunger in the Global South

The interview with IAMO Director Thomas Glauben was published in the magazine Politikum (in German)

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27 April 2023 | China Daily

Agricultural strength of China - From large agricultural country to agricultural powerhouse

Interview with IAMO-researcher Lena Kuhn on the agricultural strength of China in the context of a functioning global food trade system for ensuring food security for China, especially in times of extreme weather shocks.

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24 April 2023 | agrarheute

Agricultural Finance Conference - Becoming more sustainable: Farmers to invest in uncertain times

Investments in agriculture are urgently needed, but are currently not taking place. This was the conclusion reached by the industry at the Agricultural Finance Conference on April 20, 2023, at which IAMO Director Alfons Balmann was one of the speakers.

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24 April 2023 | AGRA-EUROPE 16/23

Consequences of the war of aggression - Ukraine may fall out as a bread wheat exporter

Ukraine may not be able to export bread wheat this year. This fear is expressed by the head of the agricultural group IMC, board member of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) and former IAMO employee, Dr. Alex Lissitsa, in an interview in Agra-Europe (in German).

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13 April 2023 | Agrarzeitung

China's Food Market - Importance for German Exporters Declines

China is a challenging environment for the German agricultural industry. Hopes of rising exports are becoming increasingly unlikely. Only milk and milk products show slight growth. Analysis and outlook, with the contribution of IAMO scientist Lena Kuhn (article in German, behind paywall).

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12 April 2023 | Wirtschaftsdienst

Grain trade and export restrictions during the Ukraine war

The war in Ukraine has led to a decline in wheat exports from Russia and Ukraine to Africa. Restrictions and uncertainty that Russia will use its grain exports as a weapon caused grain prices to rise dramatically. Analysis by Linde Götz and Miranda Svanidze (in German).

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22 March 2023 | Topagrar

Dairy Cattle Day - Animal health: "Not everything was better in the past"

IAMO director Alfons Balmann outlined his expectations for the future of animal farming in Germany at the 32nd Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Dairy Cattle Day. Topagrar online (article behind paywall).

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10 March 2023 | ZOiS Spotlight

The International Grain Trade and the War

As Russia and Ukraine are both major global grain exporters, there has been a concern on the possibility that Russia might utilize its grain exports as a weapon in the war against Ukraine. Have these fears been realized? IAMO researcher Linde Götz in ZOiS Spotlight.

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03 March 2023 | Halle Spektrum

Halle as the location of the Future Center for European Transformation and German Unity - The State Parliament debates

The Future Center for European Transformation and German Unity will be established in Halle. In the state parliament session, Minister President Reiner Haseloff highlighted IAMO, as an institute that can demonstrate rich expertise in the field of transformation. Report in Halle Spektrum.

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