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IAMO in the Media

Next to scientific publications of IAMO researchers, there are regular reports on the institute in specialised and daily press as well as on air and on Internet portals. Scientific findings of IAMO are picked on in the framework of current debates in politics and economic processes. Researchers of IAMO act as experts to communicate their findings in a generally understandable way to the broad public.

A selection of media reports is available here:

24 May 2021

Bund und Länder streiten um Zuständigkeit für Bodenrecht (Dispute regarding responsibility for land law between federal and state governments)

Discussion on a study by IAMO director Alfons Balmann and Martin Odening (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) on market power in agricultural land markets, published on

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13 May 2021

Bodenpreise: Transparenz wirkungsvoller als staatliche Eingriffe (Land prices: Transparency more effective than state intervention)

Agricultural economist Alfons Balman criticises the measures for stronger regulation of agricultural land markets, published on the website of the Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt

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11 May 2021

Umwelt- und Tierschutz in der Landwirtschaft (Environmental protection and animal welfare in agriculture)

IAMO director Alfons Balman talks about what agriculture has to achieve with regard to environmental protection and animal welfare, published in MDR AKTUELL (from minute 11:44)

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20 April 2021

Agrarwissenschaft bewertet neue Agrarreform vorsichtig optimistisch (Agricultural science assesses new agricultural reform with cautious optimism)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann on the legislative proposal of the German Federal Government to implement the agricultural reform from 2023 in Germany, published on

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25 March 2021

Geht‘s nicht ein bisschen kleiner? (A little smaller is also possible?)

Social scientist Gabi Waldhof talks about the dispute in society on green genetic engineering, published in fluter (magazine of the Federal Agency for Civic Education)

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24 March 2021

Немецкий эксперт: Цены на продукты в России будут сдерживать до выборов (German expert: Food prices in Russia to be held back until elections)

An interview with IAMO researcher Linde Götz on the causes of rising food prices, the role of the food embargo, and ways to curb food inflation in Russia, published on the website of Deutsche Welle

Click here for the Russian article and the English article.

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11 March 2021

Agrar- und Ernährungsbranche: Visionen für die Zukunft (Agricultural and food sector: Visions for the future)

IAMO Director Alfons Balmann on the challenges in agriculture, published on

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05 March 2021

Russland wandelt sich mit aller Kraft zum führenden Agrarexporteur (Russia goes all out to become a leading agricultural exporter)

IAMO scientist Linde Götz and scientist Taras Gagalyuk speak on Russia's development regarding wheat and meat exports, published on

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03 March 2021

Tierhaltung oder Proteinfabriken? (Animal care or protein factories?)

Agricultural economist Alfons Balmann stimulates discussion on artificial intelligence in livestock farming, published on the online portal of Wochenblatt für Landwirtschaft und Landleben

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02 March 2021

Landwirtschaft will Wandel mit Innovationen schaffen (Agriculture wants to create change with innovations)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann talks on structural change in the agricultural and food sector, published on the online portal of Münsterländische Tageszeitung

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