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IAMO in the Media

Next to scientific publications of IAMO researchers, there are regular reports on the institute in specialised and daily press as well as on air and on Internet portals. Scientific findings of IAMO are picked on in the framework of current debates in politics and economic processes. Researchers of IAMO act as experts to communicate their findings in a generally understandable way to the broad public.

A selection of media reports is available here:

07 January 2021

IAMO Direktor kritisiert falsche Ausrichtung (IAMO director critical about wrong direction)

The arguments put forward in Saxony-Anhalt’s land market reform bill and the mission statement are contradictory and do not stand up to a fact check, says IAMO director Alfons Balmann, published on Agra-Europe

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27 November 2020

Im Einklang mit den Ansprüchen (In accordance with the requirements)

IAMO researcher Christa Gotter on agricultural work with livestock, published in the Bauernzeitung

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19 November 2020

Sachsen-Anhalt will Boden vor Finanzinvestoren schützen (Government of Saxony-Anhalt wants to protect agricultural lands against financial investors)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann comments critically on the new draft law of the state government, published on the radio news MDR AKTUELL (from minute 2:05)

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11 November 2020

Bauern oder Investoren? - Die Ost-West-Dimension der Landwirtschaft (Farmers or investors? - The East-West dimension of agriculture)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann on agriculture myths, farm succession and farm management, published on

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09 November 2020

Bedroht unser Hunger das Klima? (Is our hunger threatening the climate?)

Comment by IAMO researcher Florian Schierhorn on the role of agriculture in achieving climate goals, published on mdr Wissen online

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06 November 2020

Nahrungsmittelproduktion allein kann das 1,5-Grad-Ziel sprengen (Food production alone can break the 1.5 degree target)

IAMO researcher Florian Schierhorn on changes in food production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, published on Süddeutsche Zeitung online

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20 October 2020

Тошкентда долзарб мавзуга бағишланган халқаро конференция ўз ишини бошлади (International conference on current issues started in Tashkent)

Report about the virtuel scientific conference “Sustainable agricultural development and regional cooperation for inclusive growth in Central Asia” from 20 - 22 October 2020, published at Халқ сўзи online

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02 October 2020

Bauer oder Landwirt – eine Frage der Ehre? („Bauer“ or „Landwirt“ - a question of honor?)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann mentions the public debates on agriculture, published on

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08 September 2020

Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung in der Landwirtschaft – wo stehen wir? (Social responsibility in agriculture - where do we stand?)

An online survey conducted by IAMO investigated how seriously do farmers take their social responsibility concerning the public debate, published on

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07 September 2020

Alles bio, aber wer bezahlt´s? - Das Dilemma der Landwirtschaft (All organic, but who pays for it? - The dilemma of agriculture)

IAMO director Alfons Balmann speaks about the challenges of the Future Commission on Agriculture to draw up practical recommendations for productive and resource-saving agriculture, published in the hr iNFO radio programme (from minute 15:20)

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