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IAMO is a foundation under public law that is governed by an executive board, a board of trustees and a scientific advisory board.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the heads of the three scientific departments and the administration and central services department. The Executive Board, in harmonization with the Board of Trustees, manages the institute’s business and directs its long-term strategic development. This includes drawing up research programs and responsibility for their implementation, preparing proposals for filling management positions, budgeting and carrying out annual economic plans and multi-year financial planning, as well as promoting cooperation with universities and other research institutions. The current members of the Executive Board are:

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of representatives of IAMO’s funding bodies – the federal government and the State of Saxony-Anhalt – as well as the Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and additional dignitaries from academia and politics. The Board of Trustees supervises the management of the institute, approves the annual accounts, supports the long-term strategic planning of the institute and approves the activities of the Executive Board in the previous financial year. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • Dr. Michael Lehmann, Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, Head of the Department Universities, Science and Research (Chairman)
  • MinDirig’n Cornelia Berns, German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Vice Chairwoman)
  • Dr. Simone Fritz, Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment, Head of the Department Sustainability, Environmental Alliance, Research
  • Dr. Lothar Hövelmann, German Agricultural Society (DLG), Department agriculture sector
  • MinR. Jobst Jungehülsing, German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lentz, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Vice-President of the Leibniz Association, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Odening, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Department of Agricultural Economics, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Paul, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Prorector for Research, Germany

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees on scientific and technical matters and supports collaboration with research institutions in Germany and abroad. This body is also tasked with carrying out appraisals of IAMO’s professional activities at regular intervals. The current members of the Scientific Advisory Board are:

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Banse, Thünen-Institut (TI), Brunswick, Germany  (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Štefan Bojnec, University of Primorska, Slovenia
  • Prof. Dr. Gertrud Buchenrieder, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Finger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hess, University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Loy, Christian-Albrechts-Universtität zu Kiel (CAU), Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Meyfroidt, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Veronika Movchan, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER), Ukraine
  • Prof. Dr. Insa Theesfeld, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Zawalińska, Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Poland