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Institutions and Natural resources

Thematic complex:
Natural resource use
Project duration:
since 01.05.2010
Investigated countries:
Afghanistan, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

The department-specific research domain Institutions and Natural resources acts as an umbrella for several projects. It encompasses theoretical and empirical empirical research, often interdisciplinary, to better understand farmers’ behavior in agricultural water management and land use while facing institutional constraints. Furthermore, research centers on the effects of policies and institutions on agricultural production.

In a number of transition countries property rights on water are often poorly defined and incentives for collective action designed to maintain irrigation infrastructure are missing. To varying degrees, and depending on the country, this holds similarly for land and forestry management.

Researchers use mainly quantitative methods relying on primary data collected in a number of transition countries, but are in principle also open to qualitative methods. The research focuses on a number of transition countries including China, Central Asia, and EU candidate countries.

Qualification works

The following doctoral theses are or have been part of this research domain:

Selected recent publications