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AgriPoliS – Agricultural Policy Simulator

Research domain:
Organisation of agriculture

Project duration:
since 1996

AgriPoliS (Agricultural Policy Simulator) is a spatially explicit and dynamic agent-based model that is able to simulate the evolution of agricultural structures over time. It is mainly used to study the influence of policies on agricultural structural change. The model is based on the work by Alfons Balmann, Kathrin Happe and Konrad Kellermann and has contributed to numerous research projects at IAMO and beyond since 2003. AgriPoliS can be calibrated with empirically collected data for real regions and contribute to a better understanding of past and future structural change. In AgriPoliS, individual farm agents are assumed to maximize profits or household income by use of a mixed-integer programing model, and are able to react to price or policy changes by renting or leasing land, changing their production system, or choosing to quit agriculture. These individual farm agents compete for land with their neighbors by interacting on the land market, which is implemented as a repeated auction.


  • Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Germany
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden Website