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AgriPoliS2020 – Sustainability of research software AgriPoliS

Research domain:
Organisation of agriculture

Project duration:
31.03.2018 - 30.03.2021

The research software AgriPoliS was developed to investigate the dynamics and the emergent phenomena of farm structural change in agricultural regions and has contributed to many research projects during the past 20 years. In order to reach more potential users, to facilitate its usage, to improve its reliability, to standardize its citation, to improve the accessibility of model results, and to achieve a high reproducibility of research results, this project aims to develop an information infrastructure for AgriPoliS. The envisaged information infrastructure provides with high availability information and tools facilitating the usability of AgriPoliS. In addition, the proposed project aims at unifying existing AgriPoliS versions towards a new standard model including libraries for extensions. This new standard will incorporate new opportunities resulting from the evolution of the programming language C++, in which AgriPoliS is implemented. As a result, the new standard of AgriPoliS and the information platforms will improve quality, usability and extensibility.