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Latest institute contributions about the war in Ukraine

Here you can find summarized information from IAMO's web news, press releases and media articles about the war in Ukraine and its effects on the global food markets.

Solidarity for a respectful, peaceful and self-determined coexistence in Europe

The IAMO Board of Directors is appalled by Russia's military attack on Ukraine, contrary to international law. We condemn it as a violation of the values and principles of respectful, peaceful and self-determined coexistence in Europe. We feel for all staff members, alumni and numerous cooperation partners and friends who have been directly or indirectly affected by this and wish you, your families and friends support and safe refuge. Our field of work, the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in a region that is important for securing the world's food supply and constructive scientific cooperation, can only thrive in a peaceful, respectful and liberal atmosphere. We, therefore, support all efforts to secure and restore a venerating and self-determined life in peace and freedom in Europe.

News articles related to Ukraine

21 March 2023

Alfons Balmann at the webinar “Ukrainian agriculture on the way to the EU”

IAMO director Alfons Balmann stressed in the webinar of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, that Ukraine, together with some other EU countries, may improve the speed of the necessary agricultural reform process in the EU. (YouTube recording, panel discussion starting at 58:38.)

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Logo Ukraine-Analyses

20 January 2023

Ukraine-Analyses on EU integration and rural development

The articles were written within the framework of the IAMO projects on land reform in Ukraine (Landreform UA) and the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD-Ukraine), with the contribution by Inna Levkovych on changes in land use in Ukraine, and Taras Gagalyuk as responsible editor.

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Flower wreath with colourful strings

08 July 2022

Long Night of the Sciences at IAMO on the topic of agriculture in Ukraine

The Long Night of the Sciences in Halle (Saale) was held again on 1 July 2022 after a long corona break. The well-attended program at IAMO addressed various issues concerning agriculture in Ukraine in response to the current situation.

In a series of presentations, IAMO directors Alfons Balmann and Thomas Herzfeld as well as IAMO researcher Taras Gagalyuk discussed the consequences of the Ukraine war on global food security and rising food prices. The development and social...

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Screenshot presentation

06 July 2022

Extensive damage caused by the war to education, research, agricultural markets, and neighboring states

A special working session of the IAMO Forum 2022 focused on the effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Four experts presented insights on the situation of education and the state of agriculture in Ukraine and also highlighted the impact on the...

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Welcome post-it on IAMO brochures

31 May 2022

IAMO supports researchers at risk within the Philipp Schwartz Initiative

IAMO helps researchers who have been forced to leave their home countries or who are subject to repression and persecution because of their work in their home countries. At IAMO, a Philipp Schwartz Fellowship has now been awarded for the first time to a threatened scientist from Belarus.

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative was launched in 2015 by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation together with the Federal Foreign Office and enables German universities, colleges and non-university research institutions such as IAMO to host threatened...

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11 May 2022

Global trade tackles food shortages in times of crisis - Lead Article of Thomas Glauben

Supply shortages in the Black Sea region, coupled with high prices, are putting additional pressure on the critical food situation of countries in need of imports, especially in the MENA region and in sub-Saharan Africa. IAMO Director Thomas Glauben in Wirtschaftsdienst.

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10 May 2022

The war in Ukraine: A turning point for agricultural policy?! - Viewpoint of Alfons Balmann

IAMO director Alfons Balmann on conflicting goals, drivers of change, coherence of sustainable change and discourse failure in agricultural policy in Agra-Europe 19/22 (pp. 36-37)

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Screenshot of IAMO Policy Brief

22 April 2022

IAMO Policy Brief 44 released

In the latest IAMO Policy Brief 44, Thomas Glauben, Miranda Svanidze, Linde Götz, Sören Prehn, Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani, Ivan Duric, and Lena Kuhn examine the effects of the war in Ukraine on global food markets

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Press Releases

view into the lecture hall with participants

05 July 2022 | Press Release 05/2022

No one-size-fits-all solution for resilient rural development

IAMO Forum 2022 took place in Halle (Saale) from 22–24 June. Over the three-day conference, 154 participants came together to discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine on rural development in transition economies in regions...

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Combine harvester in action

29 April 2022 | Press release 03/2022

Global trade not self-sufficiency is key to overcoming food shortages in times of war and crisis

IAMO Policy Brief 44 examines the effects of the war in Ukraine on global food markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent prices soaring for agricultural commodities such as grains, vegetable oils and fertilizers. This could destabilize food security, particularly in import-dependent countries in the Middle East and North Africa...

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Media releases on the Ukraine war

10 March 2023 | ZOiS Spotlight

The International Grain Trade and the War

As Russia and Ukraine are both major global grain exporters, there has been a concern on the possibility that Russia might utilize its grain exports as a weapon in the war against Ukraine. Have these fears been realized? IAMO researcher Linde Götz in ZOiS Spotlight.

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14 November 2022 | Schweizer Bauer

Ukraine - Serious reduction in grain production expected

Since the start of the war, the situation of agriculture in Ukraine has dramatically declined; in the areas affected by the war, production is almost impossible. IAMO Director Alfons Balmann expects a significant decline in cereal and oilseed production. Article: Schweizer Bauer.

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11 November 2022 | Agrarzeitung

Ukraine war - Significant reduction of cereal production expected

IAMO Director Alfons Balmann expects a significant decline of grain production in Ukraine. Article in Agrarzeitung.

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27 July 2022 | Deutsche Welle

How the war effects Ukraine’s wheat exports

Mountains of grain are stuck at the Polish-Ukrainian border: wheat that’s needed in Europe, Africa and Asia. But transport over land by truck or train is complicated and time-consuming – and drives up the price. IAMO Director Alfons Balmann spoke with DW (Deutsche Welle) (min. 4:20).

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02 June 2022 | MDR

How the Ukraine war & agriculture are connected - farmer explains

In the MDR video channel "Hundert Hektar Heimat" by young farmer, IAMO director Alfons Balmann explains how the Ukraine war is linked to increased production costs in agriculture and how this affects food prices.

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02 June 2022 | DGAP Morning Briefing

Russia vs Ukraine War Update (Day 99)

Despite the broad coverage of impending food shortages, the real crisis in global supplies is yet to come, IAMO scientist Linde Götz cautions listeners in the DGAP Morning Briefing. A limited harvest in Ukraine and the loss of storage space will impact exports going forward.

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31 May 2022 | MDR

German farmers in Ukraine suffer from price fluctuations and transport problems

As a result of the fact that Ukraine cannot deliver, the demand countries are competing for the grain on other markets. As a result of the enormous price increases, the poorest of the poor are possibly the ones who possibly cannot get any more grain - warns IAMO director Alfons Balmann on

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29 May 2022 | Agra-Europe,

Matif wheat in reverse

IAMO scientist Linde Götz considers it unlikely that Russia is misusing its own grain as a weapon of war. A much greater threat to food security in developing countries is Russia's blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea ports. Agra-Europe /

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24 May 2022 | Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Agricultural scientist Balmann: High prices not only because of the Ukraine war

IAMO director Alfons Balmann warns in the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung of rising prices due to low harvests worldwide and their impact on Germany. Especially fertiliser is lacking. © Mitteldeutsche Zeitung | Text: Steffen Höhne

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17 May 2022 | FAZ Wirtschaft

India's wheat export ban: "A bitter hit for the world food market".

India has almost completely stopped its wheat exports. IAMO director Thomas Glauben explains in the FAZ Wirtschaft why such export embargos ultimately harm everyone.

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12 May 2022 | Agra-Europe

IAMO does not expect drastic changes in world agricultural trade volumes

On current indications, wheat markets are likely to be supplied in the current season. Exports from other countries compensate the lower amounts from Ukraine and Russia. IAMO Policy Brief 44 under lead by IAMO director Thomas Glauben in Agra Europe 18/22

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12 May 2022 | FAZ

World food supply: India could also stop wheat exports

Since the start of the Ukraine war, more and more countries have locked up their agricultural production. Now India is thinking about taking this step. In the FAZ Wirtschaft, IAMO warns against calls for planned economic transformations, isolation or even regional autarky.

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09 May 2022 | Agra-Europe

Viewpoint: Alfons Balmann: The war in Ukraine: A turning point for agricultural policy?!

IAMO director Alfons Balmann on conflicting goals, drivers of change, coherence of sustainable change and discourse failure in agricultural policy in Agra-Europe 19/2022 (pp. 36-37).

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22 May 2022 | Intereconomics

The Ripple Effects of the War in Ukraine

The impact of the war on the European economy and society and how to address the fall out in the hardest hit sectors: IAMO Policy Brief 44 as part of "The Ripple Effects of the War in Ukraine" led by IAMO director Thomas Glauben in Intereconomics.

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05 May 2022 | Die Debatte

"There is no threat of shortages"

IAMO scientist Linde Götz in "Die Debatte" on rising food prices and the consequences for consumers and agriculture.

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03 May 2022 | Bauernzeitung

Squaring the circle: How to deal with the consequences of the Ukraine war?

IAMO Director Alfons Balmann spoke about agricultural policy responses to the Ukraine war at the Agricultural Policy Forum at the agra 2022 agricultural exhibition in Leipzig. Report in Bauernzeitung 17/22, p. 24-25.

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28 April 2022 | Topagrar

IAMO does not expect drastic changes in world agricultural trade volumes

Due to the Ukraine war, agricultural trade flows may be different, "suboptimal" at higher costs. According to scientists, this does not necessarily suggest price reductions in 2023. Topagrar reports on IAMO Policy Brief 44, written by the IAMO team around director Thomas Glauben.

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25 April 2022 | Backnetz

Not autarky but global trade overcomes crisis bottlenecks

Backnetz:eu reports on IAMO Policy Brief 44 on the assessment of the current situation on the wheat markets, written by the IAMO team Thomas Glauben, Miranda Svanidze, Linde Götz, Sören Prehn, Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani, Ivan Duric and Lena Kuhn.

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11 April 2022 | ZDF WISO

Price increases across the board - inflation and no end?

IAMO scientist Linde Götz explains the rising food prices in the wake of the Ukraine war using the example of the ingredients of a cheeseburger. Feature on ZDF WISO, 00:35-05:12

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07 April 2022 | ZDF heute

The war destroys export routes for agricultural products

Is the war in Ukraine causing starvation in the Middle East and Africa? Although many farms are restarting work in the fields, there is a lack of export opportunities. IAMO director Thomas Glauben on ZDF heute Instagram, pg 7

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25 March 2022 | Deutsche Welle

The Ukraine War and the Question of Organic Farming

IAMO Director Thomas Herzfeld in Deutsche Welle on the future of agriculture, sustainability and food security in relation to conventional and organic farming.

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23 March 2022 |

Is a global hunger crisis looming?

The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine also affects the global food market, as both countries are among the most important exporters of wheat. But what exactly does this mean for Ukraine, for Europe and especially for the global South? IAMO scientist Linde Götz in

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22 March 2022 | Radio Free Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences for global food security

IAMO scientists Tinoush Jamali Jaghdani and Linde Götz on the transition of Russia and Ukraine to important actors in world grain and oilseed markets, their role for global food security and how this is threatened by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in Persian service Radio Free Europe.

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16 March 2022 | Leipziger Volkszeitung

Why oil is scarce in Germany - and not in other EU countries

Sunflower and rapeseed oil are sold out in many German grocery shops. The reason for this is, among other things, the war against Ukraine. But if you look at some neighbouring countries, the problem does not seem to exist there. IAMO scientist Linde Götz in the Leipziger Volkszeitung / RND.

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14 March 2022 | ZDF WISO

Increasing feed costs

IAMO researcher Linde Götz on exploding feed costs on the global market, and supply shortages in developing countries, as Russia is the largest wheat exporter and Ukraine the third largest maize exporter in the world. Contribution from 20:31 in the ZDF programme WISO

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13 March 2022 | ZDF Panorama

Ukraine war is only one reason: This is why oil is in short supply in German supermarkets

Many supermarkets in Germany are running short of oil. But the Ukraine war is only one of several reasons for this - IAMO scientist Linde Götz in ZDF-Panorama.

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12 March 2022 | n-tv

Battlefield instead of farmland - Putin's war brings hunger to millions of people

Russia's war in Ukraine is cutting the world off from a food source that is difficult to replace. If there is no peace, prices for agricultural commodities will skyrocket. IAMO analysis on conditions for wheat cultivation and soil quality in Russia, in n-tv.

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11 March 2022 | Phoenix

Grain prices: Assessment by Linde Götz

IAMO researcher Linde Götz spoke about the impact of the war in Ukraine on agricultural exports and grain prices in Europe and developing countries in PHOENIX - Der Tag.

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10 March 2022 | Washington Post

Ukraine faces severe cold blast as it fights Russian invasion

Due to unusual temperatures in #Ukraine, the regional mud season “rasputitsa” has started earlier. Unpaved muddy roads might have created problems for the movement of Russian troops, said IAMO expert Daniel Müller to The Washington Post.

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10 March 2022 | SWP

War in Ukraine and food security: Developing a judicious “food first” strategy for autumn

IAMO researcher Linde Götz and Bettina Rudloff, SWP researcher in the EU / Europe Research Group on possible policy measures that should be prepared to counteract the acute food shortages caused by the Ukraine war. Published in SWP, "Kurz gesagt".

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08 March 2022 | ZDF

Dramatic collapse in grain supply

IAMO researcher Linde Götz in an interview with ZDF on the impact of the war in Ukraine on international agricultural and food markets in Europe and in developing countries.

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03 March 2022 | RTL, n-tv

War in Ukraine: Price shock for noodles, bread and co. looming?

Russia and Ukraine are among the world's largest suppliers of agricultural goods. The war could cause prices to rise and there may be cancelled deliveries, IAMO director Alfons Balmann told RTL/ntv.

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28 February 2022 | NOZ, SVZ, Kölnische Rundschau, Ostfriesen Zeitung, Norddt. Neueste Nachrichten

Ukraine war: "Food prices will rise"

IAMO director Alfons Balmann was asked about how much the war in Ukraine will affect the food supply chain and prices in Germany. Article by Dirk Fisser, published in NOZ, SVZ, Kölnische Rundschau, Ostfriesen-Zeitung and Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten.

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