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Lan Fang

Prof. Dr. Lan Fang

Prof. Dr. Lan Fang

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Publikationen und Vorträge

Artikel (referiert)

; ; (2024) Optimal contract design for carbon emission reduction in a green supply chain: Monetary incentive vs. symbolic incentive. Managerial and Decision Economics

; ; (2023) Innovation-driven development and urban carbon emission reduction: A quasi-natural experiment in China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (3): 8002-8019.

; ; ; (2022) Can low-carbon pilot policy improve atmospheric environmental performance in China? A quasi-natural experiment approach. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 96

; ; ; (2022) Can e-commerce alleviate agricultural non-point source pollution? - A quasi-natural experiment based on a China's E-Commerce Demonstration City. Science of the Total Environment 846

; ; ; (2021) Can water rights trading pilot policy ensure food security in China? Based on the difference-in-differences method. Water Policy 23 (6): 1415–1434.