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International Competence Center on Large Scale Agriculture

Research domain:
Organisation of agriculture
Project duration:
2017 - 2021
Investigated countries:
Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, United States

The International Competence Center "Large Scale Agriculture in Developed and Transition Economies" (LaScalA) is an international network of scientists and young researchers. The project enables the systemization of theoretical/empirical research and acts as a forum for exchange of relevant research ideas and results in the sphere of large scale farming. The project aims to investigate the organizational and ethical aspects of large scale agriculture as well as institutional frameworks that enable persistence of large agricultural enterprises. The project aims especially to fill existing research gaps in understanding the effects of large scale agricultural businesses on the economic and social performance of the sector, welfare and distributional justice in rural areas, competition in factor and output markets.

The project is divided into three general and mutually nurturing work packages (WP). We combine the tasks of systemizing and conducting research on organizational, ethical and institutional aspects of large scale farming (WP 1), linking and expanding the network of large farm scholars (WP 2) and establishing an interactive online platform dedicated to large scale agriculture (WP3).

Project partners



		Dr. Taras Gagalyuk

Dr. Taras Gagalyuk

Research Associate
Room: 136

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Project Staff

Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann
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Igor Ostapchuk
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Dr. Ihtiyor Bobojonov
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Eduard Bukin

Lioudmila Chatalova

Anna Feshchenko
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Dr. Taras Gagalyuk (Project leader)
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Anna Hajdu
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Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick
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Dr. Franziska Schaft
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Alisher Tleubayev

Prof. Dr. Vladislav Valentinov
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