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IAMO research data guideline released

At IAMO, a research data guideline now provides a framework for the management of scientific data.

Well organized and well documented research data management is increasingly recognized as an integral part of research in an open science framework. In line with this the recently issued IAMO research data management guideline addresses how IAMO researchers’ data management practices contribute to transparent research that is compliant with rules of good scientific practice and with data privacy, and how such practices can foster productive cooperation in the research community. IAMO offers access to services and support for comprehensive archiving and - whenever possible – sharing of data with the research community according to FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). The guideline clarifies responsibilities of researchers as well as tools, services and support available to them.

The text of the guideline which will be continuously updated to keep up with changing standards and available tools can be accessed here.



Dr. Stephan Brosig

Dr. Stephan Brosig

Research Associate
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