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Restructuring in the Uzbek agricultural sector

03 April 2019 - In March 2019, researchers Martin Petrick and Nodir Djanibekov published the IAMO Policy Brief 36 entitled “Farm Restructuring in Uzbekistan: What Next?”.

In January 2019, the Uzbek government initiated a new wave of farm consolidation. In order to enable a successful transformation of agriculture, the output and factor markets must be gradually liberalized and care taken to ensure that all farmers receive undistorted market signals and access to an optimal set of supporting public services. The IAMO Policy Brief 36 aims to evaluate the success of farm restructuring in the Uzbek agricultural sector and examines how policy makers can promote agricultural competitiveness without losing sight of the social consequences of reforms.

The publication appears in German, Russian and Uzbek. The issues can be downloaded free of charge on the IAMO website:

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