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Leibniz Research Network publishes "10 Must Dos" on Biodiversity

The scientists of the Leibniz Research Network Biodiversity and cooperation partners present concrete recommendations for action to preserve the biological diversity on earth.

On the occasion of the 15th UN Biodiversity Confernce in December 2022 in Montreal, Canada, the researchers call for the protection of biodiversity to be considered and anchored in all policy areas and sectors: "Climate change determines how we live on this earth, biodiversity whether we live on this earth" the publication states.

In March 2022, "10 Must Knows" with facts on biodiversity were already presented. The extension of this review aims to go beyond the UN Biodiversity Conference and focus on species and ecosystem recovery by 2030 and the restoration of nature by 2050.

IAMO scientist Daniel Müller is again one of the editors. His colleague Bernhard Misof from the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change emphasizes on the release of the “Must Dos”: "Biodiversity conservation means securing the future. We see that despite many decades of warnings, we have not managed to reverse the trend in global biodiversity loss. A future for next generations is therefore uncertain. The unsatisfactory outcome of the Global Climate Summit in Egypt is an expression of this lack of ability to act. We as scientists are challenged to propose clear and unambiguously applicable metrics for the protection of biodiversity as a basis for political decisions and societal developments. Science, too, is in a debt of gratitude."

Weblink to the complete 10 Must Dos:



Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller

Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller

Deputy Head of Department Structural Change
Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice
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