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Dr. Zhanli Sun

Research Associate


Structural Development of Farms and Rural Areas (Structural Change)

Research areas

Land system change
Agent-based modeling
Bayesian network
System dynamics
GIS and spatial analysis

Personal details

Dr. Zhanli Sun joined IAMO in November 2008 as a senior researcher in the Department Structural Change. At IAMO he also coordinates the activities of the China International Research Group. He was trained as a cartographer in college and received a PhD degree in Geography from the Chinese Academy of sciences in 1999. His research is focused on land system change with various analytical and simulating models, including agent-based modeling, system dynamics and Bayesian networks. Sun co-developed LEAM land-use simulation model at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA, as a research scientist from 2000-2006. Before he joined IAMO, he briefly worked for MWH Co. in Beijing as a consultant and business manager. Besides doing research projects in Southeastern Asia, China, and Argentina, he is enthusiastic about teaching his two PhD courses every year.