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Prof. Dr. Osama Naser El-Din Ahmed

Research Associate


Agricultural Markets, Marketing and World Agricultural Trade (Agricultural Markets)

Research areas

Price analysis
food policies
Food supply chain analysis
crop insurance
risk management
time series analysis techniques

Personal details

Osama El-Din Ahmed is a Research Associate in Agricultural Markets at IAMO as well as an Associate Professor at the agricultural economics department in Cairo University. He is holding a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (DSPU) in Business Economics and Management from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. Previously he gained a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Catalonia Polytechnic University in Spain. Osama Ahmed has a good command of Applied Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Food Economics with a broad geographical coverage in African countries, such as Egypt and Niger, as well as European ones, such as Spain and Greece, he has been able to combine teaching as well as academic and professional experience.