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Conference programme

Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda is now available online and can be downloaded here.
(Last update: 22 April 2016.)

Structure of the conference

The aim of this Inter-Conference Symposium is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, discussion and networking that revives the traditional role of the Silk Road. The symposium will be structured around three sub-themes:

  • Agricultural restructuring
  • Natural resource management
  • Regional trade and integration

Based on the main theme of agricultural development and the previous sub-themes, the organizers invite contributions particularly on the following topics:

  • Land reforms and farm restructuring
  • Agricultural change and labor organization
  • Land and water management
  • Cooperative movements
  • Value chains
  • Regional agricultural trade and the role of customs unions
  • WTO accession and agriculture
  • Central Asia’s role in global agricultural markets
  • Policy options to stimulate domestic agricultural production
  • Lessons from other transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe or the Former Soviet Union

We invite international researchers and scientists active in the wider Central Asian and Caspian Sea region with a background in agricultural economics, rural development, water management and related disciplines to share and discuss their findings to better understand the complex issues, challenges and opportunities of agricultural development along the Silk Road!