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AGRIWANET wrap-up workshop at the IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium "Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road"

04. April 2016 - AGRIWANET project has organized a wrap-up workshop in a form of two sessions at the IAAE Inter-Conference Symposium "Agricultural Transitions along the Silk Road", Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The session presented the interim results of the AGRIWANET project. The agricultural sector has remained important in terms of employment, rural livelihoods, food security and government earnings and as such for general economic development in all countries of Central Asia. Over twenty years of creating unique paths of transition to the market-based economy can provide a fertile ground for comparative analysis that speaks to general issues in agricultural development. The variety of approaches in reorganization of regional agricultural production created different challenges for its sustainable development. The objective of these two session was to provide an overview of national policy making experience in Central Asia by combining local insights with a cross-country research perspective.

Presentations of the wrap-up workshop, 4 April 2016:

Session I: Farm Restructuring in Central Asia

Session II: The Challenges of Crop Diversification