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M.Sc. Anna Hajdu

Publikationen und Vorträge

Artikel (nicht referiert)

; ; (2018) Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung in der ukrainischen Landwirtschaft. Ukraine-Analysen (210): 11-16.

Weitere Publikationen

; (2019) Dynamics of the agricultural land market in Romania - Non-agricultural investments in primary agriculture. EAAE.


; (2019) Dynamics of the Agricultural Land Market in Romania – Non-agricultural Investments in Primary Agriculture. 165th EAAE seminar Agricultural Land Markets – Recent Developments, Efficiency and Regulation, Berlin, Deutschland.

; (2019) The evolution of farmland investments by institutional investors. Global Land Programme 4th Open Science Meeting 2019 "Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature", Bern, Schweiz.

; ; (2019) Corporate social responsibility of farmland acquiring organisations. UaAgriDialog Workshop - Agriculture and society: a multi-stakeholder dialogue for stable and sustainable development, Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

(2019) The corporate social responsibility activities of large farms and agroholdings. Seminar of the Instituto de Biodiversidad Neotropical (IBN)-CONICET- Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT), San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentinien.

(2019) The corporate social responsibility activities of large farms and agroholdings. Seminar of the Instituto de Ecología Regional (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas - Universidad Nacional de Tucumán), San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentinien.

; ; (2019) Corporate social responsibility in large scale farming of emerging economies. XXVII Congreso Aapresid, Rosario, Argentinien.

; ; (2018) Post-transition development of farm structure and implications for Romania. IAMO Forum 2018: Large-Scale Agriculture – For Profit and Society?, Halle (Saale), Deutschland.

; (2018) The effects of ownership structure on corporate social responsibility of large-scale agribusinesses: The case of Romania. IFAMA World Conference. Sustainable Food Security 2050, Buenos Aires, Argentinien.

; (2018) Financial asset, estate or farm? Land imaginations, farm models and images of 'the investor' in Romania. Constructions, Representations, Productions. Exploring Historical and Contemporary Imaginations of Land, Leipzig, Deutschland.

(2018) Corporate social responsibility of large agricultural enterprises. ENHANCE Summer School „Institutional Economics and Agricultural Development", Bukarest, Rumänien.