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Securing the World’s Food Supply and Competitive Supply Chains

Based on the increasing importance of the transition countries in Europe and Asia for the global food system, this topic focuses on the functioning of value chains and their role in food security at national and international level, taking into account aspects of sustainability and risk in local and international trade. At the same time, it is important to examine ways of meeting the increased nutritional awareness of many population groups.

Accordingly, research is directed at the growth, competitiveness and resilience of trade relations, for example of grain and meat products of the Black Sea region. In this context, the research area also addresses hedging strategies of price and supply risks in international futures markets, the design of logistics infrastructures, and bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Other studies deal with consumer demand, especially with regard to health-related nutritional offerings in China or Southeastern Europe, for example.

Current Research Projects

Container ship in evening light


In recent years, grain exports from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine have collectively exceeded 100 million tons annually. This is more than a quarter of the world's grain exports. This project aims to empirically assess export growth, trade stability, pricing strategies, and the impact of policies and recent changes in market conditions on Russian wheat exports in the context of global food security.

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SEAVID19 investigates the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the Norwegian fishing industry and the resilience of the transport network. The aim is to gain insights for managing future crises. Targeting the fish trade between Norway, Russia and China during the pandemic, IAMO aims to understand impacts on trade relations and pricing strategies.

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The project aims to establish high-performance innovation research in Ukraine by linking excellence in research with knowledge from agribusiness, policy and civil society. This transdisciplinary approach is intended to promote the development of sustainable food economy value chains and institutions.

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			PD Dr. habil. Linde Götz

PD Dr. habil. Linde Götz

Deputy Head of Department Agricultural Markets
Room: 222

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