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Overview Thematic Complexes

IAMO's scientific work is organized across departments in thematic complexes that focus on central problem areas of agricultural development in Eurasian transition and emerging countries. In addition to positive bundling effects, individual responsibility within the thematic complexes ensures efficient, results-oriented research management.


The EU flag and flags of member states are flying in the wind.

The thematic complex focuses on the political and institutional framework of the agricultural sector and rural areas.

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Landscape with fields and grain silos

The thematic complex identifies challenges and functions of agriculture and examines the resilience of agricultural systems in the context of political frameworks.

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Dry land

The thematic complex examines the impact of environmental change on rural livelihoods and develops strategies to increase response to resource scarcity, catastrophes and weather extremes.

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Agricultural village between hills

This thematic complex deals with the analysis of livability in rural areas and examines the decision-making behavior of rural households with regard to employment, migration as well as investment and consumption behavior.

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Bulk carrier ship

Based on the growing importance of the transition countries of Europe and Asia for the global food system, this thematic complex aims at the functioning of value chains and their role for food security.

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A drone is flying over a landscape scanning fields.

This thematic complex concerns the preconditions and socio-economic consequences of innovation processes in agricultural production, supply chains and knowledge networks.

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