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Designing Appropriate Regulatory Frameworks and Institutions

The former centrally planned economies of Europe and Asia provide rich material for a critical examination of simplified expectations of policies and institutional frameworks. Designing appropriate agricultural policy and institutional frameworks is important for competitive food economies and the vitalisation of agrarian rural areas facing diverse cultural, historical and social contexts.

Therefore, research in this thematic complex focuses on finding out which policies and institutions contribute more effectively and efficiently to a sustainable improvement of agricultural economic strength and rural living conditions. Research in this area includes monitoring and evaluating policies for the development of agri-food sectors and rural areas, as well as examining the drivers and decision-making processes of reforms and policies.

Current Research Projects

Rural landscape with river in the front


The project Agricultural Policy Impact Assessment for the Republic of Moldova is developing a survey instrument that will enable an evidence-based assessment of policy measures to promote agriculture based on a farm manager survey. The results will provide recommendations for policy development and methods for policy evaluation.

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The project examines prevalent patterns of cooperation and conflict in Afghanistan's water resource management and theoretically project potential ones that can emerge under different political regimes to improve the role of water resources projects in peacebuilding in Afghanistan.

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Young female farmer with hat and rake on a field


The EU-funded YOUNG FARMERS project is developing new ideas for promoting young people in agriculture. An innovative model called "networked individualism" is designed to analyze behavioral patterns and contribute to strengthening rural value chains and rural viability.

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			Prof. Dr. Vladislav Valentinov

Prof. Dr. Vladislav Valentinov

Research Associate
Room: 240

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