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Uzbekistan Cotton Sector Analysis: Promoting Competitiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability

Thematic complex:
Policies and institutions
Project duration:
01.03.2017 - 30.11.2017
Investigated countries:

Until recently, cotton has remained among the main cash crops of Uzbekistan’s economy and, with wheat, a strategic centerpiece of agricultural sector. Not only the scale of land occupation or the long history of cotton production in Uzbekistan, but also the organizational aspects of the policy surrounding it provide useful insights on utilization of new opportunities for the modernization of the agricultural sector. The sector was for decades under the strict government’s control which has been loosened only recently through new efforts to restructure the agricultural sector. Since then, an important reform agenda aimed at progressively transforming and modernizing the cotton value chain.

The project aims at better understanding some of the features and detailed mechanisms and structure of the Uzbek cotton system. More specifically, it provides evidence of some of the systemic inefficiencies to contribute to the design of alternative options and measures to improve the cotton value chain.

The study analyzes and assesses (1) the cotton procurement policy and the net transfer in/out of the cotton sector; (2) the farming structure and categorization of farms; and (3) a cotton harvesting and cost-benefit analysis of its mechanization.



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Project Staff

Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick
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Dr. Nodir Djanibekov
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