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PPP Slovenia 2020

Young Farmer Payments: effectiveness of policy implementations after the 2013 CAP reform in Slovenia

Thematic complex:
Organisation of agriculture
Project duration:
31.12.2019 - 31.12.2021
Investigated countries:

The scientific objective of this project is to assess to what extent the EU-level young farmer payments policies have achieved their goal and how they could be improved in the light of consultations on the future of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with a case study in Slovenia. The specific six main aims of this project are contributing to the improvement of the legitimacy of generational renewal policies in farms:

  • (i) development of a qualitative and quantitative assessment models to analyze the effectiveness of young farmer payments policies;
  • (ii) literature review of previous studies in EU member states on the role of young farmer supports on the generational renewal problem in farms;
  • (iii) qualitative assessment: investigation on the impacts for implemented policy measures (after CAP 2013 reform) that support young farmers with interviews;
  • (iv) quantitative assessment: econometric analysis of the effectiveness of young farmer payments policies at farm level, as farm entry decision;
  • (v) knowledge transfer to young researchers in Slovenia;
  • (vi) dissemination of project results to the policy makers and rural stakeholders

Project partners



		Dr. Ilkay Unay-Gailhard

Dr. Ilkay Unay-Gailhard

Research Associate
Room: 201

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