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Sustainability reporting and access to capital (for post-war recovery) of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine

Thematic complex:
Creating resilient agricultural systems
Project duration:
01.06.2023 - 31.05.2025
Investigated countries:

The recovery needs of Ukrainian economy due to the damage caused by the Russian invasion may overwhelm the (financial) capacities of the government of Ukraine as well as of its international partners. Thus, private investments should be another strong driver of recovery Ukraine. However, enterprises that would want to access international sources of capital have to meet the high transparency and sustainability requirements of international investors and lenders. The project aims to investigate the capacities of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises to raise international funds including participation in sustainability and “green finance” schemes. It also develops a sustainability measurement instrument and a free accessible online platform for sustainability disclosure of agricultural enterprises.

The project aims to explore the following:

  • actual extent of engagement of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine in sustainability activities, their measurement and reporting
  • willingness and ability of agricultural enterprises to raise international funds including sustainability finance
  • harmonization and adaptation potentials of existing sustainability measurement and reporting systems


Project Partner


		Marianne Müller-Albinsky

Marianne Müller-Albinsky

Research Administrator
Room: 252

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Project Staff

Dr. Taras Gagalyuk (Project leader)
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Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Metelytsia
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Marianne Müller-Albinsky
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Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann
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