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FarmAgriPoliS 2.0

A business simulation game to experience structural change in agriculture

Thematic complex:
Organisation of agriculture
Project duration:
01.08.2015 - 31.12.2015
Investigated countries:

Within the model FarmAgriPoliS players can realistically simulate strategic decisions for farm development as part of a spatial-dynamic agricultural structure model. These decisions include investments, renting land, off-farm activities and farm exits. The decisions will be made on the one hand against the background of regional conditions, prices and policy uncertainty, and the behavior of competing farms in the region on the other hand. So far, FarmAgriPoliS is used for experimental analysis of the behavior of subjects. This project aims at didactic support and provision of FarmAgriPoliS as business simulation game for use by farmers and students. Instead of just theoretically learning about structural change and the effects of various agricultural policy scenarios from others, the simulation game allows the players a direct and intuitive access: The short- and longer-term impact of their own decisions are experienced directly at their own model farm as well as in comparison to other farms in the region.



		Dr. Franziska Appel

Dr. Franziska Appel

Research Associate,
Equal Opportunities Commissioner
Room: 138

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Project Staff

Dr. Changxing Dong
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Dr. Franziska Appel
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Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann
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