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Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity

Thematic complex:
Livelihoods in rural areas
Project duration:
01.04.2014 - 31.01.2017
Investigated countries:
Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain

The DEDIPAC Knowledge Hub is a multidisciplinary consortium of scientists from 46 research centers in 12 countries across Europe. The aim of this consortium is to understand the determinants of dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviors, and to translate this knowledge into a more effective promotion of a healthy diet and physical activity.

IAMO researchers provide two distinct inputs to the development of a DEDIPAC toolbox of harmonized methods for assessing dietary intake and dietary behavior:

  1. An assessment of "diet quality indices", i.e. of measures of the quality of dietary patterns in terms of their healthiness. The researchers review the literature describing the specification and application of diet quality indices, and evaluate their construction principles as well as their results based on their association with health outcomes.
  2. The review of "food choice behavior" provides an overview of research approaches used in economics to analyze consumers’ dietary behavior. A particular focus is on analyses of consumers’ willingness to pay for food quality attributes. The survey covers theoretical embedding, data generation methods and techniques of data analysis.


Qualification Works

The following theses are part of the project:

  • Demand for dietary quality in Russia (Carried out by: Christine Burggraf)

Related publications

Brosig, Stephan (2017) Final report - DEDIPAC sub project of the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), (



		Dr. Stephan Brosig

Dr. Stephan Brosig

Research Associate
Room: 131

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Project Staff

Dr. Christine Burggraf

Dr. Irina Dolgopolova

Dr. Stephan Brosig
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Dr. Ramona Teuber