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Cropland use and land tenure rights in transition countries

Thematic complex:
Policies and institutions
Project duration:
15.06.2017 - 15.06.2020
Investigated countries:
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union transition economies have followed various trajectories in utilizing of agricultural land. Although many of them experienced dramatic reduction in agricultural land area in the first years of transition from state-command to market-driven economy, later they demonstrated various performances in land recultivation and intensification. Influenced by historical legacy, cultural and political factors land tenure systems vary in granting different spectrum of land rights to landholders. Proper ownership and tenure rights to agricultural land appear as an important instrument in agricultural policy and establish a ground for effective land use. Yet, the extent to which farmers actually enjoy land tenure rights can be different from tenure rights legally guaranteed by governments. This study explores underlying drivers of land use change in transition economies at different scales with a special focus on land tenure rights and tenure security.

Project Staff

Zarema Akhmadiyeva

Prof. Dr. Thomas Herzfeld (Supervisor)
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