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Research Projects

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Short title Title
APD Westbalkan Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany - Western Balkans (Agrarpolitischer Dialog Westbalkan) [APD Westbalkan]
AGRIWANET Agricultural Restructuring, Water Scarcity and the Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Asia: A Five-Country Study [AGRIWANET]
MDA-Impact Agricultural Policy Impact Assessment for the Republic of Moldova [MDA-Impact]
AG-ORGA&POLICY Agricultural Organisation and Farm Policy [AG-ORGA&POLICY]
ENHANCE Building an Excellency Network for Heightening Agricultural Economic Research and Education in Romania [ENHANCE]
Barrieren im Getreideexport Russlands, der Ukraine und Kasachstans (Barriers in grain export in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan)
UzFarmBarometer Better understanding of the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in Uzbekistan [UzFarmBarometer]
Cropland use and land tenure rights in transition countries
Commercialization of smallholder farms in Kosovo
Alfa Agrar Competence Management to Promote Skilled Foreign Workers in Agriculture [Alfa Agrar]
AG-ChangeRural Changes in rural areas [AG-ChangeRural]
CAWAMNET Central Asian Water Conflict and Migration Network [CAWAMNET]
UzAgrInLab Establishment of interdisciplinary lab on Agricultural Innovations and Resources [UzAgrInLab]
AGRICISTRADE Exploring the potential for agricultural and biomass trade in the Commonwealth of Independent States [AGRICISTRADE]
Economic analysis of wheat trade in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus: three Essays
Factor productivity in EU agriculture
From Social to Intangible Remittances: A Conceptual Recalibration with Empirical Evidence from Southeast Europe
GERUKA Global Food Security and the Grain Markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan [GERUKA]
AGRICHANGE Institutional change in land and labour relations of Central Asia’s irrigated agriculture [AGRICHANGE]
AG-InstitutionsNaturalResources Institutions and Natural resources [AG-InstitutionsNaturalResources]
Institutional quality of meat markets in post-Soviet countries
Internal migration in Kazakhstan New Institutionalism and Bayesian Networks: Establishing an analytical framework to model migration decision making in rural Kazakhstan [Internal migration in Kazakhstan]
Philipp Schwartz Fellowships supported by funds from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
FEDAGRIPOL Political economy of agricultural policies in federal systems [FEDAGRIPOL]
Social comparisons and inequality Perceptions of inequality through social comparisons and transference on subjective wellbeing: a micro perspective on reference groups [Social comparisons and inequality]
ANICANET Revitalising animal husbandry in Central Asia: A five-country analysis [ANICANET]
RuWell Rural well-being in transition: multidimensional drivers and effects on (im)mobility [RuWell]
SUSADICA Structured doctoral programme on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Asia [SUSADICA]
SCARLED Structural Change in Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods [SCARLED]
Study on Rural Migration in Kosovo
Short Value Chains Western Balkans Study of best practices and potential of participation of the smallholders in the short value chains in the Western Balkans region and Turkey (Praxis und Potential der Nutzung von kurzen Vertriebsketten in der Landwirtschaft für Kleinbauern im Westbalkan und der Türkei) [Short Value Chains Western Balkans]
SARS-CAC The impact of COVID-19 on agriculture, food and rural areas in Central Asia and Caucasus countries [SARS-CAC]
The impact of migration and remittances on agriculture and rural development in Kosovo and Albania
The land and water nexus in a transition context: the case of Tajikistan
MATRACC The Global Food Crisis – Impact on Wheat Markets and Trade in the Caucasus and Central Asia and the Role of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) [MATRACC]
Staying rural and the status quo bias The role of the status quo bias in the perpetuation of farm work and remaining in situ – exemplified with data from Southeast Europe [Staying rural and the status quo bias]
Three essays on agricultural policy in Kosovo
TraFFF Transnational Families, Farms and Firms: Migrant Entrepreneurs in Kosovo and Serbia from the 1960s to today [TraFFF]
Too much but not enough: Issues of water management in Albania
Tapping two sources: Farmers’ conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water in North West China
UzAgRe Uzbekistan Cotton Sector Analysis: Promoting Competitiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability [UzAgRe]
Understanding farmers’ compliance and non-compliance of food safety rules in China
Working practices in animal farming – An ethnographic farm case study
AWAGO Water governance and peacebuilding in Afghanistan [AWAGO]