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Short title Title
SARICCA Agrarhandel und ausländische Investitionen für nachhaltige regionale Integration im Kaukasus und Zentralasien (Agriculture Trade and Foreign Investments for Sustainable Regional Integration in Caucasus and Central Asia) [SARICCA]
STARLAP Analysis of the strategy of the Russian Federation for the expansion of agricultural production [STARLAP]
Agricultural growth in Saxony, 1750-1880
Barrieren im Getreideexport Russlands, der Ukraine und Kasachstans (Barriers in grain export in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan)
WiCa Anthocyanin Consumers' willingness to buy (WTB) and willingness to pay (WTP) for anthocyanin-containing cereal products [WiCa Anthocyanin]
Red Meat Crisis Determinants of Iran’s Red Meat Crisis: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Supply Chain Governance [Red Meat Crisis]
TAAST Development of a tool for analyses of agricultural sector of Tajikistan [TAAST]
Bioeconomy Economics and Institutions of the Bioeconomy [Bioeconomy]
Essays on Food Consumption, Income Inequality, and Health-related Issues in China
Economic analysis of wheat trade in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus: three Essays
GERUKA Global Food Security and the Grain Markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan [GERUKA]
COMPETE International comparisons of product supply chains in the agri-food sectors: determinants of their competitiveness and performance on EU and international markets [COMPETE]
Peasants and agricultural growth in the Late Tsarist Empire
MATRACC The Global Food Crisis – Impact on Wheat Markets and Trade in the Caucasus and Central Asia and the Role of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) [MATRACC]
Volatile agricultural prices and agricultural futures markets