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Research Projects

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Short title Title
Agricultural cooperatives Agricultural cooperatives as economic crisis-absorbers: the role of cooperative ownership and governance [Agricultural cooperatives]
AGRIWANET Agricultural Restructuring, Water Scarcity and the Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Asia: A Five-Country Study [AGRIWANET]
AgriPoliS Agricultural Policy Simulator [AgriPoliS]
Land rental markets A spatial-dynamic approach to land rental markets [Land rental markets]
PPP Slowenien 2017 Assessment of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Pillar II measures upon on-farm employment [PPP Slowenien 2017]
FarmAgriPoliS 2.0 A business simulation game to experience structural change in agriculture [FarmAgriPoliS 2.0]
AG-ORGA&POLICY Agricultural Organisation and Farm Policy [AG-ORGA&POLICY]
Alfa Agrar Competence Management to Promote Skilled Foreign Workers in Agriculture [Alfa Agrar]
Economic strategies for an adaptation to risks induced by climate change: a sectoral and regional analysis of plant production in Germany
Factor productivity in EU agriculture
LaScalA International Competence Center on Large Scale Agriculture [LaScalA]
FarmAgriPoliS Participatory laboratory experiments with Agripolis [FarmAgriPoliS]
Postdoctoral project: Becoming a young farmer in the digital age - an island perspective
ANICANET Revitalising animal husbandry in Central Asia: A five-country analysis [ANICANET]
MULTAGRI Rural development through governance of multifunctional agricultural land-use [MULTAGRI]
Reforming the Discourses on Innovative Technologies: An Ordonomic Perspective
AgriPoliS2020 Sustainability of research software AgriPoliS [AgriPoliS2020]
Stochastic Optimal Control of Investment-Consumption Models
SURE-Farm Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems [SURE-Farm]
Working practices in animal farming – An ethnographic farm case study
PPP Slovenia 2020 Young Farmer Payments: effectiveness of policy implementations after the 2013 CAP reform in Slovenia [PPP Slovenia 2020]