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UaFoodTrade – Pilot project for the sustainable internationalization of Ukrainian research structures in the context of the globalization of the Ukrainian food sector

Research domain:
Agricultural value chains

Project duration:
15.11.2017 - 30.11.2020

The primary goal of the project is the further development and the stronger internationalization of the research and education landscape in Ukraine, in particular in agricultural and food economies.

The project consists of four closely linked components. First a joint research group will be created forming the core of the project and dealing with questions of embedding the Ukrainian food economy into regional and international markets.

In addition, the second component contains capacity building actions at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in Kyiv, Ukraine. These include summer schools, various seminars and workshops that are also open to students and teachers from other Ukrainian research institutions and universities. Research activities and capacity building actions are embedded in a project office at KSE, the third component of the project. The project office coordinates the cooperation between project locations, more specifically Germany (IAMO) and Ukraine (KSE), maintains the relations to other Ukrainian universities and coordinates the fourth component, the conceptual preparation of project continuation. Establishing a chair for "International Agricultural and Food Economy" at KSE is planned within the project beyond project funding. Perspectively, a research center is intended to be developed from this chair.


  • Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Ukraine Website
  • Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB), Ukraine Website
  • Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany Website
  • Kiel University (CAU), Germany Website
  • University of Missouri (Mizzou), USA Website


03.-17.03.2019 | German-Ukrainian Summer School in Agricultural Economics │ Applications will be considered until 3 February 2019.

19.03.2018 | Talks on strategic cooperation with Dr. Olga Trofimtseva, Vice Minister for Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, and Dr. Alex Lissitsa, president of UCAB and CEO of Agroholding IMC, in Kiev, Ukraine

19.03.2018 | Meeting with Prof. Dr. Verchenko, academic director of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in Kiev, Ukraine

19.03.2018 | Job interviews on the UaFoodTrade project at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Ukraine, as well as filling the positions with Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi (project coordinator at KSE), Dr. Volodymyr Vakhitov (postdoc at KSE), Oleksandr Donchenko (PhD student), Roman Neyter (PhD student), Pavlo Martyshev (PhD student) and Valentyna Marusiak (project assistant). Further information about the project team at KSE can be found here.

01.05.2018 ǀ Dr. Sören Prehn joined the IAMO project team as a postdoc. He will be a member of Working Group III "Agricultural Trade and Trade Scenarios". The team was also expanded by the PhD students Maximilian Heigermoser and Olga Polonska. Maximilian Heigermoser will dedicate his research on market integration of agricultural and food markets to Working Group I "Integration of markets and value chains". Olga Polonska is interested in research questions on the structure and stability of trade relations between Ukraine and the EU.

27.06.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi was participant at the IAMO Forum 2018 and gave a presentation entitled “Revisiting farm structure development and productivity in Ukraine” within the framework of the organised session A2: Asia and Europe.

20.09.2018 | Kick-off meeting of UaFoodTrade project / Report on the kick-off meeting of UaFoodTrade project

20.09.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi and Roman Neyter published an article entitled “The New Agricultural Support System in Ukraine: Who Really Benefits?” on the independent analytical platform VoxUkraine.

24.09.2018| Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi presented a lecture on “Analytical skills and practical agricultural policy problems” within the framework of the APD Summer School 2018.

26.09.2018 | Dr. Oleg Nivievskyi published an article entitled “Individual Farming as the Cornerstone of Agricultural Development in Ukraine” on the internet platform AgroPortal.

08.10 - 13.10.2018 | The summer school for PhD students in Agricultural Economics, in the frame of the pilot project UaFoodTrade, opened its session at KSE with the course “Household Behaviour: Theory and Applications”. This course was given by Professor Michael Grings from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany. The participants of the course got certificates about successful completion and participation.