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SARS-CAC – The impact of COVID-19 on agriculture, food and rural areas in Central Asia and Caucasus countries

Research domain:
Livelihoods in rural areas

Project duration:
01.12.2020 - 30.06.2021

Initiated by the FAO, the project aims at providing a comparative assessment of the effects of the spread of the new variant of the Corona virus and the respective government measures. IAMO coordinates a study on eight Central Asian and Caucasian countries. Supported by a network of country experts and teams and guided by a common monitoring framework, eight country reports will be drafted. These reports are expected to inform about the spread of COVID-19, effects on food production and trade as well as on prices. In particular, a possible shift in consumers’ sourcing behavior from traditional food marketing channels such as bazaars and fresh markets to supermarkets and other more standardized channels will be looked at. Furthermore, it will be studied how restrictive measures in major migration destinations, in particular Russia, impacted remittances, unemployment and income growth in rural areas.

A synthesis report will present key insights of the country reports in a condensed manner and will compare the experiences from the eight countries.