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RIMARA – Development of a Risk Management Concept for small farmers in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Research domain:
Reduction of and adaptation to environmental risks

Project duration:
07.06.2021 - 31.10.2021

In this assignment, the IAMO team will generate accurate, timely, and reproducible information about historic and future patterns of climate and weather. These will be combined with available agricultural ground data to advance the knowledge of climatic risks for agriculture in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The team will also examine most recent temperature and precipitation projections until 2100 and assess the potential consequences of future climate change for the main crops in the region. We will use the results from these analyses, including long-term climate changes as well as changes in the severity and intensity of weather extremes, to develop crop-specific climate risk indices. The data and findings will be shared in a web mapping service platform that aims to inform stakeholders of past and likely future climate risks.