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FarmAgriPoliS – Participatory laboratory experiments with Agripolis

Research domain:
Organisation of agriculture

Project duration:
31.08.2010 - 30.12.2015

The experimental model FarmAgriPoliS is developed based on the agent-based model AgriPoliS. Therein, a real person takes over the role of the leader of one of the model farms in the respective region.  Within the model, this person is in competition with other farms that make their decisions by mixed integer, but short-term optimization. These decisions particularly concern farm exit or continuation, and bidding strategies for land and investments in durable and capital-intensive assets, such as buildings and machinery. Short-term plans, such as the optimization of the production decision, are made automatically based on the expectations of the player. FarmAgriPoliS thus provides a foundation that allows researchers to experimentally compare the decision behavior and the economic success of real persons with the behavior and success of computer agents, and to examine them for systematic differences. The aim is to identify factors such as risk considerations, strategic behavior, and possibly social pressure and mental models.