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Reduction of and adaptation to environmental risks

Humanity faces accelerating challenges due to climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, and a growing scarcity of irrigation water, all of which jeopardise the provision of ecosystem services that underpin rural livelihoods and agricultural production. Concomitantly, the growing population and lifestyle changes increase the demand for food, feed, and fibre, while the supply-side challenges undermine the pillars of food security and sustainable development.

This research domain will provide novel insights into the effects of current and future environmental changes on rural livelihoods, agricultural production, and natural resources. We will identify mitigation and adaptation pathways that strengthen resilience and provide adaptation responses for target communities to the impacts of environmental risks. To better anticipate and respond to growing resource scarcity, on-off disasters, and weather extremes, we will develop early warning systems and risk assessment strategies. We will translate our results into policies and programmes to foster sustainable resource management practises and resilient agricultural systems.