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Reviewed Articles

Here you find the published and accepted articles of the IAMO researchers in scientific journals. Details are given on the webpages of the respective journals, please see the links given but note that online access by publishers may be limited.


; ; ; ; (2024) Unraveling the complexity of land use change and path dependency in agri-environmental schemes for small farmers: A serious game approach. Land Use Policy 139
; (2024) After Arbeitsschutzkontrollgesetz: Strikes and organic intellectuals in the German meat industry. South East Europe Review (SEER): Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe 26 (2): 227-248.
; ; ; (2024) The effect of income distribution on diet-related environmental footprints: Evidence from urban China. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 68 (2): 483-502.
; ; ; (2024) The impact of internet access on household dietary quality: Evidence from rural China. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 23 (2): 374-383.
; ; ; (2024) The effect of internet use on nutritional intake and health outcomes: New evidence from rural China. Frontiers in Nutrition 11
; ; (2024) Gospel or curse: The impact of religious beliefs on energy poverty in rural China. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 11
; ; ; ; ; (2024) Migrant agency in an institutional context: The Akmola-Astana migration system. Europe-Asia Studies 76 (3): 433-460.
; ; ; (2024) Intervention strategies for the safe use of semi-treated wastewater by Iranian farmers: An approach for safe food production in the circular economy. NJAS: Impact in Agricultural and Life Sciences 96 (1)
; (2024) Digital technologies as a driver of resilience and institutional transformation: The case of Ukrainian agroholdings. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 27 (1): 5-25.
; (2024) BRICS: World heavyweight in agricultural trade. Intereconomics - Review of European Economic Policy 59 (3): 160-166.