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IAMO Publications

IAMO releases a large number of its own publications and series. The IAMO Policy Briefs, IAMO Discussion Papers, IAMO Studies and IAMO Annuals are available for download as PDF documents.


The publication series IAMO Policy Brief offers selected research findings of IAMO in a short and understandable way for a wider audience. In particular, they are aimed at representatives from politics, business, and the media - as well as interested individuals.

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The Discussion Papers series is published in-house by the institute in order to quickly provide the scientific public with new research findings for further discussion.

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In the IAMO Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector, IAMO publishes monographs and conference proceedings that deal with questions of agricultural economics in transition countries. The publication series is open for discussion for all researchers working in this field.

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The IAMO Annuals provide an easily understandable glimpse into selected research-activities of the institute. The German version is published in spring and the English version in June (at the time of the IAMO Forum).

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The annual reports of IAMO inform concisly about the organisation, research projects, cooperations, budget, staff and publications of the institute. This publication series is available in German only.

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