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IAMO Discussion Papers

The Discussion Papers series is published in-house by the institute in order to quickly provide the scientific public with new research findings for further discussion. Each edition is subjected to a referee process within the institute. Individual Discussion Papers reflect the opinion of the author, not necessarily of IAMO. Comments are welcome and should be sent directly to the author.

Liste der IAMO Discussion Papers

(1997) Agri-environmental policy in Germany: Soil and water conservation. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 4, Halle (Saale): IAMO.
; (1997) Migration durch EU-Integration? Folgen für den ländlichen Raum. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 3, Halle (Saale): IAMO.
; (1997) Comparing measures of competitiveness. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 2, Halle (Saale): IAMO.
; (1997) Promoting CEA agricultural exports through association agreements with the EU: Why it is not working. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 1, Halle (Saale): IAMO.