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Press Releases

16 December 2013 | Press Release 20/2013

Index funds’ financial speculation with agricultural commodities: Functioning. Effects.

IAMO Policy Brief 12 expounds state of academic knowledge

For quite some time long-only index funds have been suspected of being responsible for price increases in agricultural futures markets. This prompted critics to derive the political demand for either dramatically restricting the scope of activities...

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17 December 2013 | Press Release 19/2013

Eastern Europe as key region to contribute to global food security

Agricultural Policy Symposium at the International Green Week 2014

Within the framework of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), IAMO and the agricultural economics working group of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations will hold an agricultural policy symposium that is to take place on 17...

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04 December 2013 | Press Release 17/2013

Sustainable recultivation of abandoned agricultural land in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Researchers have developed a model which allows estimating the agricultural potentials of this region and the degree of carbon emissions associated with recultivating abandoned agricultural land

There exists widespread agricultural land abandonment in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Recultivation of this land would help meet the increasing food demand of a growing world population. However, the soil and vegetation of these areas...

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19 November 2013 | Press Release 16/2013

Challenges to the agricultural sector in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Outcomes of a forum at AGRITECHNICA

A forum on 'Challenges and chances of large-scale farming in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan’ was held as part of the conference series 'Technology & Management’ at AGRITECHICA in Hannover on 14 November 2013. IAMO researchers and members of the...

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13 November 2013 | Press Release 15/2013

Large-scale farming in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Discussion forum at AGRITECHNICA

Large-scale farm operations in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have displayed visible productivity increases in recent years. Remains of former Socialist large farms are funded by non-agricultural capital to create ‘agroholdings’ which continue the...

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13 September 2013 | PM 10/2013

How severely are EU farmers really hurt by the financial crisis?

Study by IAMO researchers gives insight into the situation of the agricultural sector

European economies and the European Union (EU) as a political and economic project are currently in deep trouble. Martin Petrick and Mathias Kloss, researchers at Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO),...

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21 August 2013 | Press Release 09/2013

Are Eastern European agricultural markets working? Beware of state-prescribed market interventions!

IAMO Policy Brief 11 presents latest research findings on the subject

Some Eastern European countries, specifically the large grain-producing nations of the Black Sea region (Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan), will be of major importance in solving the 'global food problem’. To achieve this, they will need to further...

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21 August 2013 | Press Release 08/2013

Large Farm Management 2013: Know-how for large agricultural holdings

International conference in Kiev, Ukraine, 19-20 September 2013

More than 500 participants are anticipated to attend the international conference 'Large Farm Management: Organization and Strategy’ in Kiev, Ukraine, on 19 and 20 September. The event will be held for the fourth time and is deemed in CIS states and...

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28 June 2013 | Press Release 06/2013

Challenges facing the development of rural areas in transition countries

IAMO Forum highlights research findings and strategies for solutions

Most of the rural areas in transition countries are characterised by an inadequate infrastructure and service provision, weak employment and income growth, a poor education system and rising poverty. When quality of life and economic prospects are...

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14 June 2013 | Press Release 05/2013

Threats and chances for rural areas in transition countries

IAMO Forum 2013 will present latest findings on the subject

Depopulation of rural areas in transition countries is a grave problem. Young people frequently decide to leave such areas notably against the background of poor economic prospects, worsening of services and wide-spread poverty. Regarding the EU...

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