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Press Releases

21 January 2013 | Press Release 17/2012

Alarm or rather false alarm? A literature review of empirical research studies into financial speculation with agricultural commodities

IAMO Policy Brief 9 presents an evaluation of 35 research papers

Recent public discourse increasingly discussed the issue whether speculators in agricultural commodities markets are responsible for the worldwide rise in food prices and thus hunger in poor countries. Various renowned civil society organisations...

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16 October 2012 | Press Release 16/2012

Discarding food vs. starving people – Inefficient and immoral?

IAMO Policy Brief 7 critically examines recent study findings

According to recent studies about one third of food produced for human consumption is lost or discarded. At the same time, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that ca. 925 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. This...

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02 October 2012 | Press Release 15/2012

Poverty in China’s rural areas: temporary or chronic?

Findings of a study on persistence of poverty compiled in IAMO Policy Brief 8

China has considerably reduced the number of poor since commencement of economic reforms in the late 1970s. Still, there are ca. 170 million people affected by poverty in this region according to World Bank figures. Curbing poverty can surely be...

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27 September 2012 | Press Release 14/2012

IAMO researcher wins GEWISOLA Award

Marten Graubner honoured for his outstanding academic achievements at GEWISOLA Annual Conference 2012

Researcher Dr. Marten Graubner received this year’s award of the German Society of Economic and Social Sciences in Agriculture (GEWISOLA) for his excellent PhD thesis 'The Spatial Dimension of Pricing and Competition in Agricultural Markets’. The...

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18 September 2012 | Press Release 13/2012

International grain markets: Russia as a new power?

Findings of new study published in IAMO Policy Brief 6

Russia, a former net importer of wheat, has developed into one of the leading actors in the world wheat market within the last decade. Forecasts suggest that Russia might become the world’s largest wheat exporter by 2020. This is why the importance...

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03 September 2012 | Press Release 12/2012

IAMO organises panel discussion at the 22nd Economic Forum

The 22nd Economic Forum of the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies will be held from 4 to 6 September 2012 in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. The panel discussion titled ‘To Feed Europe: What will we eat tomorrow?’ of the international conference is...

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12 July 2012 | Press Release 11/2012

Socialist legacies and incomplete land reforms shaped agricultural land use in Eastern Europe

The research, which is published in Environmental Research Letters - “Effects of institutional changes on land use: agricultural land abandonment during the transition from state-command to market-driven economies in post-Soviet Eastern Europe"- was...

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23 July 2012 | Press Release 10/2012

HAWEPA Workshop: 'Issues in Dynamic Efficiency Analysis’

Halle (Saale), 23 July 2012 – The 4th Halle Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis HAWEPA, titled 'Issues in Dynamic Efficiency Analysis’, was held on 16 and 17 July 2012. The workshop provided a forum for an international exchange in Halle...

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02 July 2012 | Press Release 09/2012

Land Grabbing – Chance or curse for Eastern Europe’s agriculture

IAMO Forum 2012: 'Land Use in Transition: Potentials and Solutions between Abandonment and Land Grabbing'

Agriculture in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union underwent significant economic policy reforms and restructuring processes in the past 20 years. The extreme extension of arable land in the Soviet Union, was followed by the abandonment of...

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19 June 2012 | Press Release 08/2012

Post-socialist Land Use between Abandonment and Land Grabbing

IAMO Forum 2012: 'Land Use in Transition: Potentials and Solutions between Abandonment and Land Grabbing'

More than 25 million hectares of former arable land have fallen fallow alone in Russia since the beginning of the transition process. Simultaneously, a considerable percentage of fertile soils in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine are under...

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