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14 October 2015

Lively debates at the parliamentary evening “Competitiveness: EU research project COMPETE“

On 29 September 2015, the COMPETE team discussed and debated the results of three years of research during the parliamentary evening "Competitiveness: EU research project COMPETE" in Berlin. The event was hosted by the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE), a partner within the...

After the welcoming address by Christoph Minhoff, Managing Director of BVE, Prof. Dr. Thomas Glauben, Director of the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), presented the main findings of three years of...

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09 October 2015

Social Science Paper honoured with Thyssen Prize

IAMO researcher Michael Kopsidis has been awarded with the 2014 third prize of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation for the best social science paper in German for his article "Peasant Agriculture and Economic Growth: The Case of Southeast Europe c....

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22 September 2015

IAMO summer school in Kazakhstan educates and links young scientists from Central Asia

Within the research project „Agricultural Restructuring, Water Scarcity and the Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Asia (AGRIWANET)“ supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), IAMO carried out a summer school for 25...

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13 August 2015

Joint organized symposium by IAMO and IFPRI at 29th International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE)

IAMO and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a session entitled "Food Security and Food Self-sufficiency in Central Asia" as part of the 29th ICAE in Milan, Italy.

The landlocked Central Asian region comprises five post-Soviet countries characterized by great heterogeneity: energy endowments, market sizes, income levels, industrial- and agricultural structures differ a lot, as do infrastructures. The incomes of...

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29 July 2015

Country case studies on skilled agricultural workers from Russia and Bulgaria

IAMO researchers Vasyl Kvartiuk and Diana Traikova published their current research results entitled “Eastern Europe as a source of skilled agricultural workers in Germany?” in July, 2015. One case study is focusing on Russia, one on Bulgaria.

The papers examine the migration potential of skilled agricultural workers from those countries in order to counteract the increasing deficit of qualified farmers in the East German federal states. An evaluation of several interviews with experts and...

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17 June 2015

Joint organized session by IAMO and IWMI at the IAMO Forum 2015

IAMO and International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Central Asia office organized a session entitled "Climate change, water resources and agricultural development in Central Asia" as part of the IAMO Forum 2015, Halle (Saale) Germany.

The overall objective of the proposed session was to present and discuss research findings on issues of the Central Asian water and agricultural development by country- and region-specific experiences and lessons. The session comprised four...

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27 April 2015

Volkswagen Foundation promotes new IAMO research project

The Volkswagen Foundation (Volkswagen Stiftung) earmarked 0.5 million euro to fund a new IAMO research project titled "Institutional change in land and labour relations of Central Asia´s irrigated agriculture" (AGRICHANGE). International observers of...

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22 April 2015

Member of IAMO’s China International Research Group honored by Chinese government

Dr. Qiran Zhao has been granted the "2014 National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Study Abroad" by the China Scholarship Council for his excellent academic work. The prize is awarded since 2003 and honors Chinese students...

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