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01 June 2021

IAMO library receives fresh look and new information center

IAMO’s new-look library and information center reopened on 1 June 2021 following extensive renovations.

The library was redesigned and fitted with the latest digital technology to ensure the best possible access to information. The overarching goal of the renovations was to create a space where institute staff could hold meetings, conduct courses and...

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28 May 2021

IAMO Annual 2021 published

Russia as a global grain player +++ Land rights in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan +++ Quality of life in rural areas +++ Supermarkets and nutrition in rural China +++ These and other articles in the current edition of the IAMO Annual (in German only)

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27 May 2021

Supermarkets and Nutrition in Rural China: Curse or Blessing?

The authors Yanjun Ren, Jiajia Zhao, Thomas Glauben and Bente Castro Campos have published an article in the latest IAMO Annual on the role of supermarkets in the ongoing transition of dietary habits in China. (currently in German only)

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26 May 2021

Quality of life in rural areas

IAMO researcher Antje Jantsch and Norbert Hirschauer published a paper on “(In)satisfaction in rural areas and in agriculture? An analysis of job and life satisfaction in Germany”. (in German only)

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21 May 2021

Demand for non-food biomass

IAMO researchers Lanjiao Wen and Lioudmila Chatalova recently published a paper entitled “Can smaller farms in Germany benefit from the growing demand for non-food biomass?”. (in German only)

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20 May 2021

Successful piloting of satellite-based agricultural insurance in Mongolia

IAMO researchers have successfully piloted a market-oriented crop insurance product based on satellite data. The initiative was carried out in cooperation with local insurance company Mongolian Re as part of the project “Increasing climate resilience via agricultural insurance – Innovation transfer...

Climate change is having an increasing effect on wheat production in the region. Agricultural insurance helps reduce risks for producers and improve rural incomes. The pilot product was combined with agricultural loans from the Mongolian government...

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19 May 2021

IAMO Policy Brief 40 „Covid-19, unequal economic recovery and maritime food trade”

In the publication, IAMO director Thomas Glauben and researcher Maximilian Heigermoser address current developments in international maritime food trade and the pandemic-related effects on freight and food prices.

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18 May 2021

"Mental accounting" in Chinese agriculture

Do Chinese vegetable farmers use "mental accounting" for pest control? IAMO scientists Yangyi Zeng and Thomas Herzfeld recently published a paper on this subject. (in German only)

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12 May 2021

More environmental protection and animal welfare in agriculture

In an interview with MDR AKTUELL, IAMO director Alfons Balman talks about what agriculture has to achieve with regard to environmental protection and animal welfare. (from minute 11:44)

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12 May 2021

Event “Climate change - current changes in EU agricultural policy” watch now

On 6 May 2021, IAMO researcher Florian Schierhorn spoke on global and European trends in climate change at the online event of the German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD). (in German only)

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