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Two IAMO projects successful in Leibniz Competition

24 November 2021 - The senate of the Leibniz Association has approved funding for 29 projects totaling 27.6 million euros for the Leibniz Competition 2022. Among them are two projects based at IAMO.

One of the five funded Leibniz Junior Research Groups will be coordinated by IAMO scientist Dr. Antje Jantsch. The five-year research project "Rural well-being in transition: multidimensional drivers and effects on (im)mobility" (RuWell) will investigate the relationship between individual well-being and migration in rural regions of East Germany and Southeast Europe. The focus will be on the dimension of place attachment, which has received little attention to date.

The second grant was awarded for the project "Transnational Families, Farms and Firms: Migrant Entrepreneurs in Kosovo and Serbia from the 1960s to today" (TRaFFF for short) as part of the Leibniz Cooperative Excellence program. Besides IAMO, the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) in Regensburg and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder are involved. The interdisciplinary management team includes the historian Prof. Ulf Brunnbauer, the social anthropologist PD Dr. Carolin Leutloff-Grandits, and IAMO's agricultural economist Dr. Judith Möllers. At IAMO, Janine Läpple and Dr. Tom Dufhues are also working on the new project, which will explore the potential of migrant returnees who use new know-how and their savings to start businesses or contribute new ideas to society.