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IAMO Policy Brief 33 issued

19 December 2017

In December 2017, Judith Möllers was joined by Diana Traikova, Thomas Herzfeld and Egzon Bajrami in publishing IAMO Policy Brief 33 on the subject “Involuntary Return Migration to Kosovo: Tackling Challenges for Successful Reintegration”.

Kosovo currently faces the challenge of reintegrating thousands of migrants returning from Western Europe. In addition to low educational levels and qualifications of the returnees, their reintegration is hindered above all by the difficult labour market situation. Some 180 interviews have been conducted in the scope of an empirical study to better understand the socio-economic situation of these returnees. The subsequent findings are presented in the IAMO Policy Brief, with a discussion of the opportunities and risks of successful reintegration and recommendations for policy.

The publication appears in German and English and can be downloaded free of charge on the IAMO website:

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