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IAMO invites farmers to participate in online survey

25 March 2019 - Within the DFG research group “Agricultural Land Markets - Efficiency and Regulation” (FORLand), IAMO and the University of Bonn conduct interviews concerning the effects of land market regulations for farmers and society.

The lease and purchase prices of agricultural land have increased steadily in recent years. This fact is of very high importance for farmers. The DFG research group “Agricultural Land Markets - Efficiency and Regulation” (FORLand) is dealing with questions like the functioning and efficiency of agricultural land markets and how land market regulations affect farmers and society, in their research. The aim of this survey is to find out the farmer's (sole proprietorship, shareholder, owner or employee) point of view.

The questionnaire takes about 12 minutes to finish and consists of 3 parts:

  1. Assessment of two scenarios for land sales
  2. General assessments of regulations of the land market
  3. Your picture of agriculture

Please find the online survey* here.

We would like to thank for your participation!

*The data will be collected in strict anonymous form and treated in accordance with the GDPR for purely scientific purposes.