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Russian agricultural research institute visits IAMO

On July 25, 2013 a delegation from the All-Russia Scientific Institute of the Organization of Production, Work and Management in Agriculture (VNIOPTUSH) visited IAMO. The directors Alexey Mindrin (VNIOPTUSH) and Alfons Balmann (IAMO) as well as several associates of both institutes discussed their respective research priorities and future possibilities for cooperation. Selected IAMO projects with focus on Russia were presented and discussed. The Russian scientists were also interested in the general conditions of the scientific system in Europe. Russian research institutes are heavily application-oriented and provide policy advice; however they also emphasize the growing importance of publications in the referred high impact international journals. The research conducted by both institutes is overlapping in many fields, e.g. concerning food security and rural living conditions. Some other topics, like farm cooperation in the agricultural sector, are still new for the Russian academics, and they would like to work together with IAMO and resort to its experiences in these fields. Further possibilities for cooperation discussed in the meeting were the joint use of data sets, short-time scientific residencies at the respective institute and educational support for Russian postgraduates by the IAMO.


Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann

Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann

Director of IAMO
Head of Department Structural Change
Room: 140

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