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Research visit for project cooperation to Slovenia

In the framework of the project “Assessment of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Pillar II Measures Upon On-farm Employment: The Case of Slovenia” IAMO researcher Ilkay Unay-Gailhard visited the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia, from 6 to 28 November 2017.

During her research stay, Unay-Gailhard established the general framework of the dynamics of the project together with researcher Stefan Bojnec, Professor of Economics, and PhD candidate Sabina Žabina, both researching at the University of Primorska. In addition, several farm-level actors were interviewed.

The project is sponsored by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and PPP Slovenia Academic Exchange Program. The scientific objective is to assess the impact of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Pillar II measures on rural employment, especially on on-farm jobs in Slovenia. The project is designed to promote mobility of two young researchers, one post-doc from IAMO and one PhD candidate from University of Primorska during the years 2017 and 2018.

In the near future Stefan Bojnec will visit IAMO for several days of collaborative research.


Dr. Ilkay Unay-Gailhard

Dr. Ilkay Unay-Gailhard

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