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Outstanding paper award for IAMO researcher

Martin Petrick was awarded the "Outstanding ERAE Journal Article 2013" prize bestowed by the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE). The conferment took place as part of 14th EAAE conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 29 August 2014. This award honors Petrick for his outstanding research contribution to agricultural economics in the professional journal European Review of Agricultural Economics (ERAE). The prize-winning paper is titled "Reversing the rural race to the bottom: An evolutionary model of neo-endogenous rural development" and for the first time analyzes the economic development in rural regions from the perspective of evolutionary game theory. This approach helps clarify why regions continually remain rich or poor and fail to converge towards a uniform final state. Petrick also outlines under which conditions governments can promote the transition from poor to rich by harnessing the populations’ self-help forces in the regions. The contribution, however, also emphasizes that such opportunities very much depend on the relevant initial conditions and are by no means promising for all poor regions.

The article "Reversing the rural race to the bottom: An Evolutionary Model of Neo-endogenous Rural Development" by Martin Petrick is available on the website.

Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick is deputy head of the IAMO department "External Environment for Agriculture and Policy Analysis" and since 2013 has held a professorship at the Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He researches and lectures on international agricultural development, with a focus on structural change in agriculture and agricultural policy in former Soviet countries, rural factor markets and EU agricultural policy.

Academic contact:

Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick
Tel.: +49 345 2928-120