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AGRICHANGE Winter School opened

Die AGRICHANGE Winter School wurde heute am IAMO eröffnet.

The AGRICHANGE Winter School was opened today at IAMO. Over the next six weeks two PhD students from Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU), two PhD students from Samarkand Agricultural Institute (Uzbekistan) and three IAMO PhD students will take part in this intensive training event. Lectures and seminars on topics such as qualitative and quantitative methods, academic writing, but also governance and agricultural water management will be held. Following the idea that academic education also means learning to teach, several of the teachers are PhD students themselves.

The AGRICHANGE Winter School is part of the AGRICHANGE research project, dealing with institutional change in land and labour relations of Central Asia’s irrigated agriculture. AGRICHANGE is sponsored by the VolkswagenStiftung within the funding initiative "Between Europe and the Orient – A Focus on Research and Higher Education in/on Central Asia and the Caucasus".


Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick

Prof. Dr. Martin Petrick

IAMO Visiting Research Fellow

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